Our strategic goal

We care about achieving health equity for our community. Counties Manukau system will work with others to achieve equity in key health indicators for Maaori, Pacific and communities with health disparities by 2020.

Together, the Counties Manukau system will enable equity in access and outcomes for Maaori, Pacific and communities with health disparities.

This means that people will live longer healthier lives in the community.

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We aspire to live and breathe our values every day as the foundation of our strategic actions:

  • Valuing everyone
    Make everyone feel welcome and valued
  • Kind
    Care for other people's wellbeing
  • Together
    Include everyone as part of the team
  • Excellent
    Safe, professional, always improving

Our Strategic Objectives

To help us work together to achieve this, we will organise our actions around three strategic objectives. Together means collaboration and partnership with people, whaanau, families, communities, health and other providers.

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Healthy Services

Why it matters:

People are at the heart of our services and must be well equipped to provide safe, high quality and equitable care.

What we will do
Invest in our frontline staff and partner organisations to provide excellent collaborative, high quality, compassionate and safe healthcare.


Healthy Communities

Why it matters:

You are more likely to live a long and healthy life if you grow up and live in a healthy home, safe neighbourhood with a good school, healthy environment and people who will affirm and support you.

What we will do:

Work in partnership with local communities and other sectors to prevent ill health and provide more integrated health care closer to home.


Healthy People, Whaanau & Families

Why it matters:

Decisions about personal health and wellbeing are influenced by your whaanau and families and the network of people that matter the most.

What we will do:

Improve the experience of the care every day through health literate services and people. Where patients agree, whaanau and families will be part of our care conversations and decisions.